Друзья, в свете последних новостей и событий в мире, мы приняли решение перенести конференцию GoAnalytics! 2020 на следующий год.

Все купленные билеты будут действительны в следующем году. Если вы все-таки хотите вернуть деньги — напишите нам на почту mail@goanalytics.ru

Чтобы скрасить ваше разочарование, мы открываем доступ к записям докладов за все предыдущие годы конференции.

2019 Go Analytics! Retrospective

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Attendees feedback

Most of all in Go Analytics! I like that the reports are exclusively applied and in a high level. It is always interesting to hear about complex cases and solutions. Through the months that have passed since the conference, I have already returned several times to the conference reports and presentations! In my opinion, it is the main indicator of practical value.

Arseny Alikhanov

Perhaps, the best web analytics conference has passed in Russia. This is exactly what I’m looking for from web analytics conferences: not revelations, but useful information that will help to make further decisions.

Alexander Mashkov

The conference is undoubtedly useful and interesting. I liked reports with cases from businesses. Such events are very important for the market development.

Alexandra Kulachikova

I’ve never experienced a more insightful collection of Analytics, BI, and Data Science industry experts, practitioners, and clients in one place in my career. The Go Analytics! conference was an exciting opportunity to speak about analytics advancements and share best practices with a  highly receptive and intellectual audience. It was an amazing speaking experience, and also a highly valuable opportunity to attend presentations, learn, and meet a wide array of brilliant people. I’m still connected with the people I met at Go Analytics!, and we’re now doing business together. It’s a great place for learning, for having one on one conversations with industry experts and entrepreneurs, making amazing connections, and for finding lasting friends. I highly encourage everyone in our industry to come to this conference, and I hope to see you there!

Christopher Bridges

Conference Organizers

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